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Software for Mac OS X
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Little Helpers


  Point-O-Mat easy-to-use calculator for Points similar to "Weight Watchers Points" ™  


My wife is a weight watcher and she uses her hardware Points Calculator daily.

We have two kids that love to play with everything with buttons on it: TV-remote, telephone and any kind of calculator. So in order to keep family peace I had to create this tool for my wife. Now she's a lot more relaxed when the kids play with her Points Calculator, although she's still a little afraid, that our kids could hide her WW-Calculator or throw it into the trash without her knowing.

Unlike other software Points calculators (which I found after I wrote this app) Point-O-Mat correctly rounds the Points to half-Points.

New in version 1.2:

calculate the points for the portion or the amount of what you ate
e.g. 5 of 12 cookies

Point-O-Mat runs on OS X 10.4 PPC and intel
it should also run on 10.3, but i haven't tested.

Please use Point-O-Mat only as an alternative or backup of your hardware calculator

please note the disclaimer.
  PARC you create the video, PARC does the math  


PARC (Pixel Aspect Ratio Corrector)

Computer video (like web movies) has square pixels. DV/HDV has not. thats why you need to adjust the framesize. PARC does the math for you:

Type in source size and format, reduce the framesize if you want and PARC will tell you the frame size in pixel height and width.

please note the disclaimer.
  MSF File organization Script  


Make Surrounding Folder (MSF) is a simple AppleScript droplet.

I often create a bunch of files (like copies, or copies of the copies, or versions a-z) all at the same location (e.g my temp-download location). Now I can simply select them and drop hem onto MSF. MSF will then put them alltogether into a newly created folder.

No sophisticated piece of software, but it helps me a lot with housekeeping.

please note the disclaimer.
  iSpeak make your Mac speak to you  



just a fun tool I created after listening to the rainbow children. Simply type in some text and press the speak-button and your Mac will talk to you. You can also choose a voice without changing the system default voice and save the result to disk as aiff for using it in other apps like Logic or iMovie.

please note the disclaimer.