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Software for Mac OS X
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Weltallbum is not a corporate-site!

My name is Martin Büchler and I am a privat person [details]

I write software for fun and for my own personal use. Thinking it might be helpful to others, I'll gladly provide some of my programs and scripts at this site in the near furture. You may download and use it for free (though I can't keep you from making donations). You may even distribute what you've downloaded here, but you must not share only parts of it (so please keep the packages complete when distributing it). Any form of reverse-engineering or altering is forbidden.

Of course, all software is "as it is". No warranties, no guarantees, no promises, no support:

Use at your own risk! (but I do appreciate your feedback)

According to German law I even have to tell you, that I am not responsible for contents or functionality of any sites not owned by me, that I might have linked to.

Peace, Love and Tolerance. And if you find my coconut, please give it a kiss!

These pages where written on a Mac. No Microsoft products involved in any form. Tested with Firefox, and partly with Safari, which is far away from being the best browser in the world. Sorry Steve.